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센서기술 Analog sensor training set (ST2000)
2016-10-17 10:31:14


Structure and features

 - Analog inductive sensors

 - Analog ultrasonic sensors

 - Analog pressure sensors

 - Temperature sensors and temperature controllers

 - Spindle drive unit

 - Attachment / detachment of parts by one-touch clamp

 - Aluminum profile practice panel

 - Modular electrical box

 - Use 4mm safety socket

 - Circuit symbol-marked componets

 - Rugged parts cabinet

 - Ergonomic design considering trainee's body type


Educational Content

 - Measuring distance with contactless inductive sensors, optical sensor and ultrasonic sensor

 - Installing and connecting spindle drive-an electric- powered measuring device

 - Control of gear motor-driven spindle driver and displacement sensor

 - Operating characteristics of analog ultrasonic sensor

 - Machine displacement measurement and material detection using analogue inductive sensors

 - Velocity and position measurement using ratary encoders

 - Recording and analysis of measurements

 - Recording of sensor characteristics

 - Practical measurement


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