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2016-10-21 09:34:52

Port logistic training equipment

The state-of-the-art intelligent port qutomation system converged by lastest information and communication technologies
in cludes real-time yard tractors multi-cycle system, container terminal gate improt/export automation system, and
hazadous materials container surveilance system.

The construction of the intelligent system of a container terminal is as effective as the new construction of a pier berthing
5 large ships, so it is expected to play a leading role of Greenport reducing carbon emissions as well as saving logistics costs.

The port logistics training equipment was designed to experience thus transforming intelligent port automation system, and
combined various components and control techniques that are actually used in the industry.



● Port smart terminal

● Container loading/unloading process simulation

● Stacker crane control practice

● RFID Tag & Reader

● Palletizing program techniques

● inverter control technology applications

● PC-based monitoring

● Using container type workpiece

● Rugged aluminum profile plate


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