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TwinCAT TwinCAT3 | eXtended Automation Technology (XAT)
2016-10-19 11:32:32


With TwinCAT3 a PC-based control software is available which will expand the standard automation world considerably.

In addition to the object-oriented IEC61131-3 extensions, the languages of the IT world are available C and C++.

The integration of Matlab / simulink enables the application in scientific fields. And all of that in just one engineering environment. The  modules run in different languages in a common runtime. The advantage of this modularity is the improved reuse of modules, once they have been written and tested. The runtime runs under harsh realtime conditions with the use of multi-core technology and the support of 32-or 64-bit operating systems.


▣ TwinCAT3 highlights

 - only one software for programming and configuration

 - Visual Studio integration

 - more freedom in selecting programming languages

 - support for the object-oriented extension of IEC61131-3

 - Use of C/C++ as the programming language for real-time applications

 - link to Matlab / simulink

 - open interfaces for expandability and adaptation to the tools landscape

 - flexible runtime environment

 - active support of multi-core and 64-bit systems

 - migration of TwinCAT2 projects


● XA Language Supprot: IEC61131-3

 For more efficient programming of automation devices, the editors for IEC61131-3 programming in TwinCAT have been significantly improved. The perability in particular has been improved and the debugging options have been extended. The new options include improved inline monitoring, conditional break points and more.


TwinCAT3 likewise supprots the extensions to the 3rd edition of the IEC61131-3 standard that have not yet been finally decided. These enable among other things the use of object-oriented techniques such as single ingeritance, interfaces, methods and attributes, which sigmificantly increase both the reusability and the quality of the control code.

Example of the use of polymorphism within an IEC61131-3 POU (Program Organization Unit)


* IEC61131-3 programming

 - supplier-independent programming standard

 - PLC open certification

 - portable, reusable software

 - five graphic and text-based programming languages:

   ▷ Structured Text and Instruction List

   ▷ Function Block Diagram and Ladder Diagram

   ▷ Sequential Function Chart

 - data encapsulation by user-defined data types


Extended options in TwinCAT3

 - improved ease of peration uasbility

   ▷ auto-complete

   ▷ marking of associated keywords

   ▷ collapsing of programming structures


 - extended debugging

   ▷ use of conditional break points

   ▷ improved inline monitoring


 - onject-debugging extensions

   ▷ sigle inheritance

   ▷ interfaces

   ▷ methods

   ▷ attributes


eXtended Motion Control


with eXtended Motion Control, TwinCAT automation software offers an integrated and scalable solution for Motion Contorl applications including simple point-topoint mevements, CNC and robot control.


* Interpolated motion for robotic control

Advantages of the integration of robotic control in TwinCAT

   ▷ configuration, parameterisation, diagnostics and programming in TwinCAT

   ▷ optimum synergy between PLC, Motion Control and robot control system

   ▷ high performance and precision through direct interfaces


Kinematic calculation process

   ▷ forward transformation

   ▷ inverse transformation

   ▷ calculation of the dynamic model


Safety Editor

The safety Editor integrated in TwinCAT3 allows the creation of a safety application in a graghical environment. The user can program the desired logic directly with function blocks. The logic can initially be developed independently of the hardware configuration, leading to increased flexibility and portability. Additionally, the editor can automatically generate documentation for the application, making both the act of documenting and commissioning significantly easier.


* TwinCAT Safety Editor

   ▷ graphical programming

   ▷ fully integrated in TwinCAT2

   ▷ convenient diagmostics through the direct display of online values in the graphical enviroment

   ▷ multi-level verification of the application for consistency

   ▷ automatic project download verification



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