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TwinCAT EtherCAT
2016-10-19 14:32:16


Why EtherCAT?

    EtherCAT is the fastest industrial Ethernet

       - Use a standard Ethernet frame
       - Support all technologies of Ethernet
       - Simplification of vertical integration
       - Fastest system that can be used with excellent synchronization feature
       - Flexibility and performance that hardly depend on topology


    Easy to use EtherCAT

       - No manual setting of address
       - no switch configuration
       - Auto-configuration function
       - accurate diagnosis


    Safe and flexible topology

       - All topologies are supproted: line, tree, star, ring
       - No slave connection problem of node, switch or hub
       - Redundancy, Hot connect, Hot swap options
       - Safety technology implementation using one network


    Openness and extendability of EtherCAT

       - Completely open technology (international and domestic standard designation)
       - Receive supports of ETG, the world's largest Ethernet-related organization
       - Support well-defined deviced profile
       - Use the controller chips provieded by a number of companies


    Extensive applicability of EtherCAT

       - Support communication between maast, slave and slave / mast
       - Suited for both centralized and distributed control architecture
       - utilized in almost all area such as machine control, robotics, embedded systems, building automation, 
         new & renewable energy and shipbuilding


    Efficient and proven network

       - Lower price compared to conventional field bus
       - Does not require special mast cards
       - A standard network card can be used for communication
       - continously developed since 2003
       - implemented on a variety of controllers and operating systems


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