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공유압 Hydraulic technology
2016-10-19 15:49:58



 - Removing parts by push clamp

 - Aluminium profile panel and structure

 - u-box electrical panel

 - 4mm safety sockets and cables

 - components with circuit symbols

 - Hydraulic pipe: use quick coupling

 - Robust parts storage cabinet

 - Engineering design considering trainee's body shape


Educational content

 - Understanding basic priciples of hydraulic pressure

 - Functions and applications of hydraulic valves and hydraulic system

 - Measuring pressure, flow rate, working time, etc.

 - Physical formulas calculation of hydraulics

 - Hydraulic schematic design

 - Understanding basic hydraulic control and system

 - Relationship between cross-sectional area and pressure of a hydraulic cylinder

 - Function of flow control valve

 - Speed increasing, differential and memory circuit

 - Circuit and control of hydraulic motor

 - Configuration of pressure sequence circuit

 - Disign of synchronization speed control circuit

 - Structure and use of hydraulic accumulator

 - Pressure loss in pipes

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