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로보틱스 Mobile robors MoVoL
2016-10-21 14:49:34

▣ Features of MoVoL mobile robot

 - Video-based motion controllable next generation intelligent robot platform thank to the mounted
  robot mind controller.

 - Enhanced expansion and maintainability based on the individual modularity of the robot built-in

 - N-Screen Service in conjunction with various IT and smart devices of a variety of wireless network
  infrastructures such as 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi.

 - Various emotional expressions using LED, sound, display, etc.

 - Support stereo vision video-based motion detection and human cognitive functions

 - Support a variety of real-time video-based communications in conjunction with social network
  services (SNS)


▣ Products descriptions

 ● MoVoL has the integration architecture features that can reconfigure image data processing / 
  transmission module, multi-axis real-time motions control module, context-aware module, wireless
  communication module and autonomous navigation module, with ISO13482 functional safety-based
  smart robot platform.

 ● MoVoL is a robot system that broadens and improves the experience and knowledge by processing
  real-time large-capacity table and organizing distributed intelligence in O2 Robotics framework
  environment integrated with cloud robot and SNS robot

 ● MoVoL supports N-Screen services such as real-time monitoring and video calls as well as image-based
  motion control based on the interlocking with various IT and smart devices, and enables the performance
  of a variety of communication function in conjunction with real-time social network service (SNS)


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